Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ashton Kutcher Fancy Box - February 2013

I recently jumped on the subscription box bandwagon earlier this year and now I've developed quite a collection! One of the companies I subscribe from is Fancy, which offers a total of eight subscription boxes: Verbal, P!nk, Ashton Kutcher, Tyler Florence, Fancy Food, Coco Rocha, Jennifer Love Hewitt & the original Fancy box.

I subscribe to five of these: Ashton Kutcher, Coco Rocha, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Tyler Florence & the original Fancy box subscription. This is my review of the Ashton Kutcher Fancy box subscription.

The Box: Ashton Kutcher Fancy Box

The Cost: $46.95 ($39 plus $7.95 for shipping)

The Products: Each box promises $80+ worth of products curated by Ashton Kutcher for Fancy

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Note: Fancy does not allow returns on boxes, but they now allow returns within 30 days for one item per box in exchange for either a $15 gift card or a random item. Touch Screen Gloves -$25 (Listed $22.50 on

I loved these gloves and used them last winter. They have a magnet at the base of each glove, so you can snap them together when you're not wearing them. I seem to have a bad habit of ending up with one glove instead of a pair, so I wish all gloves were made with magnets. The only downside of these gloves is that they aren't warm enough to brave the cold Wisconsin winter, but they will be great for fall here. This version is currently sold out, but they should be coming out with their fall line fairly soon!

Internet University Sweatshirt -$55 (Listed $44 on Etsy)

I wore this sweatshirt quite often since it was so comfy. Can't wait for fall, so I can wear it again. Would I have paid $44 for it? Probably not, but I'm certainly glad I got this in my Fancy box! It also held up well with multiple washes. For those who are wondering, Fancy sends you an email requesting your shirt size so they can tailor each box to suit your needs!

Just Mobile Alu Pen -$25

This was a product that I had no idea what to do with at first, since I don't own an iPhone or iPad, but luckily I was able to gift this to my mother recently. Despite the fact that Fancy asks you to specify what type of mobile devices you own when you sign up for a subscription, I still manage to receive products I am unable to use occasionally. I'm not sure why they bother asking if they aren't going to take the information into consideration when curating boxes, but I'm not going to complain too much! These items make good gifts!

FYI: If you're interested in grabbing one of these for yourself, they are currently on sale on at varying prices!

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish Wall Decal -  reg $37.17, sale $26.02 on hu2design (No Price on Fancy)

This product is still in my closet laying untouched, since I plan on moving in the near future. It's not something I would have bought for myself, but I'll use it. I'm just not sure about where to put it. In the kitchen maybe?  I have a feeling Ashton's latest role as Steve Jobs had a lot to do with why he chose this item to be included in the box.

Overall this box had a value of about $117.52 and that's when calculating using sale prices! Seeing how this box was only $46.95, I think it's a great value.

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