Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ashton Kutcher Fancy Box - July 2013

I recently jumped on the subscription box bandwagon earlier this year and now I've developed quite a collection! One of the companies I subscribe from is Fancy, which offers a total of eight subscription boxes: Verbal, P!nk, Ashton Kutcher, Tyler Florence, Fancy Food, Coco Rocha, Jennifer Love Hewitt & the original Fancy box.

I subscribe to five of these: Ashton Kutcher, Coco Rocha, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Tyler Florence & the original Fancy box subscription. This is my review of the Ashton Kutcher Fancy box subscription.


The Box: Ashton Kutcher Fancy Box

The Cost: $46.95 ($39 plus $7.95 for shipping)

The Products: Each box promises $80+ worth of products curated by Ashton Kutcher for Fancy

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Note: Fancy does not allow returns on boxes, but they now allow returns within 30 days for one item per box in exchange for either a $15 gift card or a random item.

Da Bears T-Shirt - $30

I was missing the information card for this shirt.

Being a Packer fan from Wisconsin, this shirt was almost like an insult. ;) I'm surprised that Fancy included something so personalized in their box. Sure there are probably plenty of Bears fans out there, but what about everyone else? Some people take their team loyalty very seriously! I also received this shirt in a large instead of my usual size. This was the first time I ever received the wrong size in a box, so I reached out to customer service and was able to exchange it for a medium. Luckily my mom's side of the family is from Chicago, so I'll be able to re-gift this to my Aunt now that I have the correct size.

Flag Happy Socks - $12

Ashton: True to their name, these socks bring a smile every time I wear them.

I love fun socks, so I was happy to see these in my box! No wonder they are called happy socks! I've been wanting to try out the Happy Socks line for awhile now and who doesn't need a new pair of socks? At first I thought I wouldn't fit these since they were labeled size 10-13 and I'm only a size 8, but I tried them on and they fit perfectly. My boyfriend is a white ankle socks only kind of guy, so I'm glad I am able to wear them instead.

Quirky Pivot Power Mini Wall Plug/USB Combo - $18

Ashton: Last month, I shared a portable way to charge your stuff. Here is something for when you're not on the run. Fighting low battery, one gadget at a time. 

I love the fact that this product is basically a powerstrip and usb port combined, yet it doesn't take up space on the floor like a powerstrip would. I will definitely put this to use!

Be Here Now Book - $15

Ashton: This is one of the books I read preparing for my role as Steve Jobs. It was well documented that Be Here Now was a book that Steve read during his late teens, early twenties. Pay special attention during the movie – it gets a mention. While on the surface this book seems to be the musings of an LSD induced era in chase of spiritual meaning, I drew a couple insights from it for the character. First, it’s an interesting exploration of the search for something more in life. I think that Steve was a guy who was never satisfied with what was and always felt that more was possible and this book supported that notion. The other thing that the book supported was a character theme of function and design being married. While these writings muse about being in the moment, the way they are written is in stylized script and often times are artistically wielded around the page giving an aesthetically pleasing quality. This was a protocol that would follow Steve wherever he went.

This book just simply wasn't my taste. I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt and thumbed through it and even read a few lines, but I just couldn't see myself enjoying a book like this. I ended up returning this item for the $15 Fancy credit. Just like with the bag from the Jennifer Love Hewitt box though, Fancy thought my box was undeliverable and refunded me the $39 for the entire box. I know I followed their return directions properly, so it was miscommunication on their end. I informed Fancy of their error and they told me to keep the refund, so I ended up with a total of $54 in Fancy credit. I hope Fancy has ironed out the issues with their return process since then!

Overall this box had a value of $75, which is lower than the promised $80, but it's still a good value for the $46.95 you pay. I've been subscribing to the Ashton Kutcher box since the beginning and while this box wasn't one of my favorites, I can't complain! I basically got this box free due to their miscommunication during the returns process and I will be able to re-gift the t-shirt, so this box was still a win for me!

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