Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bespoke Post - July 2013

Bespoke Post is a subscription service originally geared toward men, but I find that many of the products they offer can be appreciated by women too. Each month Bespoke offers a series of themed boxes, from which you can view and make your selection. You are automatically opted into one of the boxes, but have the option of switching to a different theme or even skipping if you don't like any of the themes for the month. This month's themes were Agave (barware), Stirred (tools for mixing drinks), Bota (outdoor gathering) & Sweat (workout essentials). This was my first box with this subscription and I chose Sweat. Looking back, I kind of wished I ordered Agave too!

The Box: Bespoke Post

The Cost: $45 a month (If you choose to skip, you don't have to pay that month.)

The Products: A “Box of awesome” curated with products associated with the box's theme.

The Box
Information Card

Bespoke Post teamed up with Details for this box.

Get ready to look good while you sweat. We lined up a collection of on-the-go gym essentials so that you don't have to compromise on style at the gym, or afterwards.

Plaid Lined Duffle Bag from Blue Claw Co. – $185 approx

The canvas duffel bag is custom made in America by Blue Claw Co. with all the tough yet sophisticated details you could want: nickel plated hardware, strong webbed handles, and thick canvas construction with a sharp cotton liner. It's perfect for the gym, but you don't need to stop there: take it from the weight room to the office to the beach without skipping a beat.

Because this bag was custom-made for Bespoke Post, I coudn't find an exact value for it, but the Hampton duffel, which is being sold for $185 on their website, is comparable to the style and design of this bag. Either way, the cheapest item on their website is $72, so I definitely got my money's worth with this bag alone! I personally love this bag, especially the plaid lining and it's a high quality bag that both myself and my boyfriend will use.

American Crew Foaming Cream 1.75 oz - $10

You want to look and smell as good leaving the gym as you did coming in. Smooth in some American Crew forming cream after a shower and shape your mane at will. It'll keep your hair looking soft and healthy while giving you the hold you need to look put together. 

I obviously have no use for this product and unfortunately apparently none of the men in my life do either! It's like they have an aversion to styling products, I swear. One of my friends uses this though, so I may pass it on to him since I've seen this product at both Walmart and Target. 

Isopure Zero Carb Protein Powder in Creamy Vanilla – $30

Whether you're a seasoned weightlifter, a gym newcomer, or anywhere in between, Isopure Zero Carb protein powder will help you get the most out of your workout by providing your muscles with the nutrients they need to grow. Mix up a shake with water or milk for use as post-workout fuel or as a mid-afternoon snack. The proteins helps with satiation to keep you from overeating at your next meal if you're trying to slim down.

I've always been a little skeptical of these types of products, but I always see guys using them. Wouldn't it be healthier to get your protein through diet? Plus, I've been told by a nutritionist that chocolate milk is actually one of the best things to drink after working out. Now that sounds like a healthier and tastier alternative even if it does have calories. The flavor of this protein mix is vanilla, so I gave this a shot to see if that's what it actually tastes like. I tell you right now, it doesn't. In fact I thought it tasted horrible. I mixed it with water and it didn't have a shake-like texture at all either. Perhaps it would be different mixed with milk, but I wasn't going to try it again, so I ended up passing this along to my workout fanatic of a brother. I will be sticking to drinking plain water post-workout or even better yet, chocolate milk! :)

 Dove Men + Care Cool Silver Antiperspirant - Value $7

And don't forget to refresh and ensure that you stay cool for the rest of the day (or night) with Dove Men + Care Antiperspirant.

I forgot to take a picture of this item, but my boyfriend immediately snagged this product. He had just run out of deodorant, so this came at just the right time. That being said, he wasn't a fan of the product. He works in a kitchen, so it can get quite hot and he stated that he felt less dry with this product at the end of the day than he has with other brands. He will definitely continue to use it until it's gone, but probably won't purchase it in the future.

Overall I'm very happy with my first box from Bespoke Post. The bag alone was worth well over what I paid, making the total value of this box anywhere between $119 and $232 depending on the actual cost of the bag. I'd definitely recommend Bespoke Post!

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