Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Birchbox - July 2013


Birchbox is a makeup and beauty subscription box that typically sends 5 samples each month. Four of those samples usually revolve around a central theme, while one is a "beauty extra". This month they teamed up with the cast of USA’s SUITS, who picked out one of the samples in each box. The theme this month was power play, dedicated to helping you take control of any situation, and to make the most of every minute—on the clock or off duty.

The Box: Birchbox

The Cost: $10 a month

The Products: Beauty and lifestyle samples selected by the Birchbox team.

Reward Points: Birchbox has a wonderful rewards program where you get 1 point for every $1 spent in their store (even if you use your points toward a purchase!) and you get 10 points for every product you review from your monthly boxes. For every 100 points you receive, you get $10 in credit on their site. Birchbox also offers extra incentives to earn more points, by making purchases from products that were featured in the boxes that month, etc. Even if you only do the reviews, the points quickly add up!

First Look: The box

The outside box
First look: Inside box

I love that Birchbox uses a box within a box! I reuse these cute boxes to store and organize my makeup and nail polish in my drawers. I love their packaging as well.

Information Card
Suits Information Card

Number 4 Super Comb & Protect (Suits Pick!) - $1.6 approx (no sizing in oz or ml given for sample)

What: A sulfate-free leave-in conditioner that safeguards color and protects against UV rays.

This product came in handy when I taught swim lessons to a deaf boy this summer. The chlorine reeked havoc on my hair and this product came to my rescue, especially on those days I didn't have time to shower immediately afterwards. My only issue with it was the smell. I'm extremely sensitive to smells and I found that this one gave me a headache at times, so I had to use it sparingly. Otherwise I thought this was a great product.

Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow .5 oz - $8.44

What: A Birchbox exclusive, this Canadian multitasker is rich in hydrating aloe juice.

I really liked this BB cream. Since this was an illuminating product though, I found that I had to use a primer to prevent extra shine with my combination skin. Otherwise, I thought this product matched my skin perfectly and made my complexion look great!

Coola Classic Face SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer for Face 7 ml - $4.48

What: Mineral Sunblock infused with organic evening primrose extract and borage seed oil. 

This was my favorite product in the box! I had heard of this brand before, but I didn't want to pay the $32 price tag without trying it first. I love discovering new organic products and since I wear moisturizer with SPF everyday, this product was perfect for me. It made my skin feel so soft that I actually ordered this in the full size recently! Even better yet, Coola donates a portion of their profits to I love companies that give back!

Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips .1 oz - $2.86

What: Originally made for nursing moms, this  ultrahydrating lip balm is a makeup artist fave.

At first I was confused why I received nipple balm, but then realized it can be used on lips. This product definitely hydrates, but it's a little heavy for everyday use. I think I'll save it for those dry winter months when my lips are cracked.

Tan Towel Classic Formula Self-Tan Towelette (Beauty Extra) - $2.4

What: A self-tanner for fair-to medium level skin that exfoliates, moisturizes and leaves a natural glow.

I forgot to include this product in the picture above, but it's shown in the very first picture in this post. I'm not sure how much this product exfoliates since I make sure to do that in the shower prior to using any type of self tanner, but I did think this product gave me a natural glow and it seemed to last a few days, which is always a plus with self-tanners. The only downside for me was the towelette. I always seem to have trouble applying towelettes without having them roll up on me, but I still prefer this method over messy gels/lotions.

Overall this box had a value of $19.78, which is almost double what I paid. If you include the value of the points accumulated for reviewing the products in the box, the value is even greater. This was my first Birchbox and I'm very happy that I got to try the Coola moisturizer! I can't wait to see what else is in store.

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