Thursday, September 5, 2013

Coco Rocha Fancy Box - June 2013

I recently jumped on the subscription box bandwagon earlier this year and now I've developed quite a collection! One of the companies I subscribe from is Fancy, which offers a total of eight subscription boxes: Verbal, P!nk, Ashton Kutcher, Tyler Florence, Fancy Food, Coco Rocha, Jennifer Love Hewitt & the original Fancy box.

I subscribe to five of these: Ashton Kutcher, Coco Rocha, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Tyler Florence & the original Fancy box subscription. This is my review of the Coco Rocha Fancy box subscription.

The Box: Coco Rocha Fancy Box

The Cost: $46.95 ($39 plus $7.95 for shipping)

The Products: Each box promises $80+ worth of products curated by Coco Rocha for Fancy

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Note: Fancy does not allow returns on boxes, but they now allow returns within 30 days for one item per box in exchange for either a $15 gift card or a random item.

Urban Beatz Rocked Headphones - $50

Wow Fancy must really think I need headphones! This was the third pair I received from various Fancy boxes. Unfortunately this particular pair wasn't my style, so I sold it on the Box Love Exchange B/S/T group on Facebook. Glad someone else will be able to appreciate it!

Japonesque Safari Chic Make-Up Brushes -$20

I like the look of these makeup brushes! The set comes with a powder, shadow and crease brush. I'm not a fan of the case as much, but these brushes will definitely go to to use. I've been looking at buying new brushes, so this came at the perfect time!

Rose Wayfarer -$15

While I wouldn't have picked out this print for myself, I find this print fun and it's a nice variation to the typical black wayfarers I usually wear.

Copy of the June Edition of Elle Mexico Signed by Coco

I couldn't begin to put a price value on something like this since Coco signed the cover, but I love that she included something exclusively for her subscribers. I wish this magazine was in English though as I don't know any Spanish. I would love to read what Coco had to say in her spread! Regardless, I plan to find a frame and hang this up in my apartment. I always find fashion to be art in itself. :)

Overall this box had a value of $85 and that's not even including the magazine signed by Coco herself!

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