Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hautelook Summer Beauty Bag #1 - July 2013

HauteLook is a Nordstrom company that offers deals on a variety of products everyday. Periodically they release their seasonal beauty bags. This year they released two summer beauty bags. This is my review of the first.

The Bag: HauteLook Summer Beauty Bag

The Cost: $29 plus $7.95 for shipping

The Products: "Create an effortless summer beauty routine with these seasonal essentials, all handpicked with convenience and flawless style in mind. Stocked with 12 leading cosmetic, grooming and skincare products, this chic secret weapon houses the tools and pops of color needed to welcome summer in full-force. Brimming with brand favorites, this must-have beauty bag is your go-to for summer style in a snap. Brands include: Laura Mercier, Ahava, Blow Pro, Supergoop, and Estee Lauder plus many more!" 

I loved the design of this makeup bag! So cute!

First Look!

Aveda Hand Relief Cream 1.4 oz -$9

I keep this cream on my nightstand for a little extra moisture before bed. I'm not sure how I feel about the scent though.

Ahava Firming Body Cream 1.3 oz - $7.36

I really liked this product. I used it on my legs on days I wore my sundress this summer. I'm not sure how much it actually firms, but I liked the scent and figured if it actually does firm then all the better!

Blow Pro Beach Blow Texturizing Mist 2 oz - $4.94

This was my favorite product in the entire bag. I wasn't sure of the scent at first, but it grew on me and I loved how it made my natural waves even wavier. This mist held my curls all day without the crunchy texture. I keep it in my travel bag, so I never forget it!

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 .5 oz - $14.67

This was the product I was looking forward to trying the most. Overall I like it a lot and I think it offers just the right amount of coverage. I haven't tried it without a primer yet though. I find that most tinted moisturizers and BB/CC creams make my skin oily and melt off way too fast without primer.

Xen Tan Face Tanner Luxe .5 oz - $4

So I may have tried this on my legs before I realized it was meant to be a face tanner. ;) That's probably why I didn't think it provided much color. I haven't tried it on my face yet, but then again, I don't need tanner on my face. I apply SPF 50 + on my face everyday and I still manage to tan!

Napoleon Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer 5 ml - $4.50

I really liked how lightweight this primer was! Most primers are silicone-based and feel a little heavy when applying. Not this one! It applied like a serum and made me feel like my skin could breathe underneath.  My only issue was that the tube was so small that when I squeezed the tube, I felt like the whole tube's worth of product came out! WAY too much primer than I needed for one use. Of course I didn't want to waste the product, so I put it in a plastic bag to use later.

Supergoop! CC Cream 3 ml - $2.04

I liked this formula, but I think I prefer the sample of Marcelle BB cream I received in my Birchbox. Again, this is while using primer underneath. My opinion could change when I try it alone.

I love these hair ties! So cute!

This could possibly be my favorite item in the bag as well. I love how tiny and cute this is and it will probably last a long time as well. I haven't used it as a cheek stain yet, but it's a gorgeous lip color. Sheer yet bright. A little goes a long way!

I have so many samples of mascara that I haven't tested this yet. Once you open it, you have to use it up right away, so I find it easier to use one sample at a time rather than using 10 different samples and having to toss them all in 3 months. I know Essie Lauder is a good brand though, so I look forward to trying this!

This is another product I haven't used yet, but I will be next month. I have a wedding to attend in October and I always get blisters from heels, so I'll be packing this!

I apparently forgot to include a picture of this, but it was basically one giant towelette. I was happy with the size, since I was able actually cover both legs and still see results. I liked the color, but my issue was streaks. I had difficulty using the towelette. I found that it kept rolling up as I was using it and had to keep unrolling. This made even coverage difficult. I probably won't purchase this in the future, but I'm happy I got to test it out!

Overall this beauty bag had a value of approximately $71.51 and that's not including the makeup bag! I think I got a great deal and I got to try a lot of new brands. I would definitely purchase a beauty bag from Hautelook again.

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