Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box - May 2013

I recently jumped on the subscription box bandwagon earlier this year and now I've developed quite a collection! One of the companies I subscribe from is Fancy, which offers a total of eight subscription boxes: Verbal, P!nk, Ashton Kutcher, Tyler Florence, Fancy Food, Coco Rocha, Jennifer Love Hewitt & the original Fancy box.

I subscribe to five of these: Ashton Kutcher, Coco Rocha, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Tyler Florence & the original Fancy box subscription. This is my review of the Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy box subscription.
The Box: Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box

The Cost: $46.95 ($39 plus $7.95 for shipping)

The Products: Each box promises $80+ worth of products curated by Jennifer Love Hewitt for Fancy

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Note: Fancy does not allow returns on boxes, but they now allow returns within 30 days for one item per box in exchange for either a $15 gift card or a random item.

Verse Headphones - $40

I love the look of these headphones, but unfortunately I can't love them as much as I want to since I wear over the ear hearing aids in both ears. The ear pieces on these headphones are too small to accommodate room for my hearing aids, so I end up having to place them above my ears, which causes the headpiece to slide down toward my neck. The result makes it uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, even when I place my head in a high bun to account for the extra room. I wish there was a pair of headphones out there that are not only stylish, but also accommodating to my disability! I usually just resort to in-the-ear headphones, but I would love not having to take out my hearing aids and I'm sure people near me would appreciate a lower volume too! Too bad though. I would have liked these headphones otherwise! They are a beautiful color, so I'm sure I'll find someone who will be able to use them.

Bad to the Bone Turquoise Bracelet by Katie Dean -$18 (Listed as $25 on Katie Dean)

I wasn't sure when I first saw the spoilers if I was going to like this bracelet or not since I don't usually wear skulls, but I ended up loving it. My boyfriend even commented that he liked it when I wore it for the first time. C usually doesn't notice small differences like that, so that fact that he did is a plus! :)

American Apparel Fluorescent Orange Cuffed Beanie -$20 (No pricing on Fancy)

This is the one item that no matter how much I tried, I just can't see myself ever wearing. I'm from the upper Midwest, where no one would be caught dead in this unless it was hunting season and I'm not a hunter. Plus I'm surprised this was $20! You can get hats like this for cheap around here and at the local Fleet Farm no less. Once again it goes to show you pay for the brand! Fluorescent Orange is also not a very flattering color on most people, so I'm surprised JLH picked this particular color. The fact that I received this box in early June also makes me wonder who would want to wear a fall/winter hat in the summer? I may try to give this to a friend who hunts, but if anyone else is interested in this style, comment below and I'll contact you.

Simple Wayfarer Sunglasses by FreeClothing.Co -$15 ($10 on FreeClothingCo)

These sunglasses couldn't have came at a better time. I had a similar pair that I lost about a week before this box came in the mail. I almost always wear wayfarer sunglasses, so this was a win for me!

Overall this box had a value of approximately $88. Since I will only use two of the items, the value for me comes down to $28. When I signed up for this subscription, Fancy had a promotion for $20 off your first box, so I only paid $26.95. With that in mind I'm very happy with the value!

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