Monday, October 14, 2013

Ashton Kutcher Fancy Box - August 2013

I recently jumped on the subscription box bandwagon earlier this year and now I've developed quite a collection! One of the companies I subscribe to is Fancy, which offers a total of eight subscription boxes: Verbal, P!nk, Ashton Kutcher, Tyler Florence, Fancy Food, Coco Rocha, Jennifer Love Hewitt & the original Fancy box.

I subscribe to five of these: Ashton Kutcher, Coco Rocha, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Tyler Florence & the original Fancy box subscription. This is my review of the Ashton Kutcher Fancy box subscription.

Information Cards

The Box: Ashton Kutcher Fancy Box

The Cost: $46.95 ($39 plus $7.95 for shipping)

The Products: Each box promises $80+ worth of products curated by Ashton Kutcher for Fancy

Get 10% off your first box or any order with code FOLLOWUP10

Note: Fancy does not allow returns on boxes, but they now allow returns within 30 days for one item per box in exchange for either a $15 gift card or a random item.

Two Tone Woven Cotton Belt - $40

Ashton: Let loose, and still look stylish. This belt'll keep your secret if your waistline needs a bit more space after dinner.

While this is a nice belt, it's not really my brother's or boyfriend's style. I may use it for myself, but for now this is on my swap board!

Maps Rocks Glass - $13

Ashton: Learn more about a new city (or one you're proud to call your own) while enjoying a drink out of these glasses. Sit back, relax, and you'll be street smart in no time.

I was happy to see this in my box! Some people received this in an original fancy box earlier this year and I had been wishing I received one. I went on an 8-day trip to New York during my last year of college for my Economics of Immigration course and it's one of my favorite memories. Drinking out of this glass will be a lovely reminder. Looking at their website, I may have to add glasses from London, Paris and Washington, D.C. to my collection. I took a trip to London and Paris with my family when I was 19 and I had an internship in Washington, D.C. my first summer after graduating college.

Neon Rim Frames by Iasaac Jacobs - $15

Ashton: When a picture's worth 1000 words this minimal frame lets mine continue to do the talking.

While neon yellow really isn't my thing, I love the simplicity of this photo frame. I immediately put in a picture of my boyfriend and I that had been laying on my desk.

Photo Courtesty of

Wooden Alarm Clock Box By Kikkerland - $30 (Prices vary depending on website)

Ashton: Give a quick clap, and the time appears on this clock. So much more fun than slapping for the snooze button in the morning.

My original photo was super blurry, so I ended up using the one from Tilly's website instead. While this alarm clock is a nice concept (you clap your hands to turn it on and off), I am unable to use it due to my disability. An alarm clock is kinda pointless for a deaf person. ;) I was going to gift it to my brother or boyfriend, but then I realized that this would be a terrible product for both of them. My boyfriend had to move his alarm clock to the other end of the room to force himself to get up in order to turn it off. Snooze is his worst enemy! In the end I was able to sell this on Facebook in the box love exchange b/s/t group. I love those girls. :)

Overall this box had a value of approximately $98. The value of this box was definitely there and although I wasn't able to use all the items due to my disability, I was still able to sell it to someone who can!

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