Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bespoke Post - September 2013

Bespoke Post is a subscription service originally geared toward men, but I find that many of the products they offer can be appreciated by women too. Each month Bespoke offers a series of themed boxes, from which you can view and make your selection. You are automatically opted into one of the boxes, but have the option of switching to a different box or even skipping if you don't like any of the themes for the month. New boxes open on the first of each month and you have five days to make your decision.

This month's box was Café -everything you need to make the perfect cup of coffee or tea. You could have also chosen Aces, which was a poker set option from last month or an archived box, Stirred, which gives you essentials for mixing drinks.

The Box: Bespoke Post

The Cost: $45 a month (If you choose to skip, you don't have to pay that month.)

The Products: High-quality lifestyle items based on a theme

First Look!

Bespoke: Here's all you need for a calm and caffeinated morning routine without the pit stops. With your new French Press, your brews will be more fully flavored, especially when used with the quality goods we've included.

Grosche French Press 1000 ml - $39.99

Bespoke: Grosche's French press is good taste's answer to your countertop. Invented in 1929 by an Italian designer, a press is a stylish and simple way to brew a flavorful cup (or three) of coffee. Since the gorunds soak directly in the water rather than having water dripped through, there's a stronger resulting flavor profile , and the minimal design looks as sharp on your counter today as it would have eighty years ago.

I've been wanting a French Press for a while now, so when I saw this box, I knew I had to have it!

Grosche Milk Frother - $14.95

Bespoke: Now you don't need to stop at your neighborhood spot for a carefully crafted latte or cappuccino. To make 'em at home, all you need is some frothed milk courtesy of Grosche's milk frother. Pour some of your favorite milk into a cup, flip the switch, immerse the stainless steel coil, and you'll have a perfectly smooth, light coffee add-in within seconds. Pour half frothed milk and half double strength coffee into a mug at the same time for a dead simple cafe au lait.

I've never used a milk frother before, but I can't wait to give it a try. I feel like I'm building my own little cafe in the kitchen! 

Cafe Integral Coffee Beans 6 oz - $6.75

Bespoke: Open up your pack of Cafe Integral's coffee beans and take a whiff. The beans are meticulously sourced from Nicaragua with a tightly controlled production process that goes from planting to pouring. Their Dulcinea blend - part of their small-batch offerings from their New York roasting studio - is packed with a rich sweetness reminiscent of tropical fruit, cocoa and molasses that's a step (or three) above your go-to cup.

We can always use more coffee around here! These smell amazing without even opening them. Can't wait to improve my coffee-brewing skills!

Tiesta Tea Loose-Leaf Tea 1.8 oz - $4.99

Bespoke: Looking for a change of pace? Tiesta Tea's unique take on earl grey has got you covered. The loose blend - easy to use in your French press and packing more flavor than your standard tea bag - includes vanilla and blue mallow blossoms for a sweet, creamy taste without all the milk and sugar.

According to Bespoke, you can brew tea with the French Press as well, so I'll be giving that a try!

ZonePerfect Bar in Peanut Crunch - $1.58

Bespoke: And because we like you so much, we've packed in a bonus. Have a ZonePerfect bar along with your coffee for a quick and easy breakfast or snack.

I actually thought this bar was disgusting! I had the flavor peanut crunch. Maybe it's because I don't really like peanut butter all that much? Peanuts, yes. Peanut butter, no. Is that weird? 

Overall  this box had a value of $68.26. While it's not an AMAZING value, it's still worth more than I paid and I received high-quality items. I can't wait to see what Bespoke Post has in store next! 

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