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POPSUGAR Must Have - October 2013

POPSUGAR Must Have is a lifestyles subscription box and probably one of my favorites! This is my review of the October box.

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have

The Cost: Popsugar has announced that the price will be increasing on Nov. 4th to $39.95/month instead of $35/month. You can save now by purchasing or upgrading to a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription at current pricing.

The Products: “Must have” lifestyle items for women selected by Popsugar editors. Categories may include home, beauty, fitness and food.   

Coupon: Use code REFER5 to save $5 off your first box or SQUAT10 for $10 off a three month subscription or more

First Look

Pink is a very special color to us here at POPSUGAR Must Have. Not only is it our signature hue, but more importantly, it is the color of Breast Cancer Awareness Month every October. This month, we are donating $1 for every box to breast caner research and have also teamed up with a number of brands and products that support multiple breast cancer charities. Of course, it's also time to get in that Halloween spirit and think about getting reqcquainted with the kitchen, since the holidays are around the corner. We hope you love this box.

 - Lisa Sugar, POPSUGAR Founder & Editor In Chief

Second Look!

 Must Have Food:

The Can't Cook Book: Recipes for the Absolutely Terrified by Jessica Seinfield - $27.99

Popsugar: Jessica Seinfield's brand-new-cook-book will help you tackle delicious and simple recipes at home. If you haven't stepped foot in a kitchen in years or are just looking for fresh takes on your nightly dinners, this cookbook is for you. The gorgeous photos and funny, heartwarming anecdotes about Jessica and her family throughout will help guide you through your next culinary adventure. Your skills will be honed just in time for the holidays!

This book was just recently released, so I'm happy to have it so soon! I'm not a cook at all, but my boyfriend is a chef. I've been wanting to learn so I can at least lend a helping hand and share his passion with him. :)

Halibut Recipe!

Must Have Beauty:

The Wet Brush - $14

Popsugar: We've all struggled to get a brush through our hair after a shower, and now we have the solution for you: The Wet Brush. Our beauty editors showed us this secret weapon, and we immediately knew we had to get it in POPSUGAR Must Have. The magic of The Wet Brush is in the specially formulated bristles that eliminate all tugging, tearing, pulling, and ripping. Ever better, our friends at The Wet Brush are making a donation toward the fight against breast cancer for every brush included in this month's box. 

What are the odds of me getting two de-tangling brushes in subscription boxes this month? I like that 25% of proceeds from this brush go towards the fight against breast cancer. It's fitting for an October box!

Must Have Beauty:

NYX Cosmetics Liquid Black Eyeliner - $4.50

Popsugar: Define your eyes with this easy-to-apply liquid eyeliner. Use the very precise brush to get the thinnest line possible, or go for something a little more dramatic. We've paired it with this Smokey Shadow Palette for you to try out a sexy look this season. The shades all work alone, or they can be used together to create the perfect smokey eye.

I already have black eyeliner thanks to subscription boxes, but I was able to trade this for brown, which I don't have! :)

NYX Cosmetics Smokey Shadow Palette - $7

I like all the colors, but I already have similar sets. I haven't decided if I'm going to hold onto this for myself or swap/sell. A lot of subscribers complained about receiving this lower end brand, but I can't get NYX where I live, so I didn't mind! We only have a Target, Walmart and Walgreens. That's it.

Must Have Fashion:

Jane Tran Bobby Pins - $12

Popsugar: Pull back your tresses with style thanks to these Jane Tran bobby pins. The design is sweet, modern, and colorful but still subtle. Plus, the shape of the pins means they will hold your hair back all day with ease. Use them to create a simple side-swept look or as part of a more elaborate updo.

I've been growing out my bangs, so it's always nice to have some pretty bobby pins as opposed to the standard, cheap ones. I like that these are big enough to collect all my loose strands as well.

Must Have Beauty:

Julep Top Coat and Nail Color in Char - $32 ($25.60 if your a Maven)

Popsugar: We teamed up with Julep to bring you an exclusive duo of nail polishes - one of the season's best colors and a top coat. Beyond giving us beautiful and festive manicures, the special Julep formula will help keep your nails healthy. The top coat will dry shiny and smudge-free in just five minutes. And just like that, you're on your way with a new nail look. 

I already subscribe to Julep, but luckily I didn't have this color or top coat! I was actually considering purchasing both, so I'm glad I didn't! I do wish they would have actually included exclusive colors though since I know some subscribers were not as lucky to receive colors they didn't already own. If you're new to Julep, use the code FREEBOX to get your first box free! Just pay shipping!

Must Have Fashion:

Gorjana Bali Bead Bracelet - $45

Popsugar: This delicate, playful bracelet is also ready to do some good. When someone purchases this bracelet - made in our signature pink color - on the Gorjana retail site, 100 percent of the proceeds of the piece go to the charity Breast Cancer Connections. Wear your pink with pride this October.

When I first saw spoilers for this bracelet, I wasn't sure if I was going to like the hot pink, but it's actually very delicate and pretty in person. I love the Gorjana brand, so I'm happy to add this to my collection. Some subscribers have commented that this bracelet isn't worth the $45 retail value and the bracelet could be easily made themselves, but I'd like to point out that 100% of that $45 goes toward a breast cancer charity, so I'd be more than willing to spend that $45. Everyone on my mother's side of the family has suffered from breast cancer and I myself have even had a biopsy on a lump already and I'm only 23. I try to support the cause as much as I can and I love when companies show their support as well. I will be wearing this bracelet with pride!

The Bracelet!

Must Have Food:

The Crispery Halloween Sprinkled Crispycake - $3.95

Popsugar: Handmade, soft, and perfectly gooey, these gourmet crispy cakes from The Crispery will put a smile on the face of your inner child. Even if you're too old (is there even such a thing?) to be trick-or-treating, you can enjoy this nostalgic Halloween treat. They're simply delicious and festive too.

I apologize for the half-eaten treat! After taking pictures, I realized I never took one of the crispycake and I had taken a few bites already if you couldn't tell! ;) This rice crispie treat was HUGE! That being said, I am probably one of the few who didn't think this tasted all that great. I make homemade rice crispie treats all the time, so maybe I just know how I prefer them. It lacked that buttery taste if you know what I mean.

Special Extra:

Stitch Fix Gift Card - $20

Popsugar: Try out this fun new personal styling service to get handpicked fashion goodies delivered right to your door. Enjoy $20 off your purchase plus a waived styling fee - Stitch Fix away!

I've always wanted to try Stitch Fix, but I was afraid to lose the $20 if I didn't like anything they sent me. They send you some clothes in the mail based on your profile for a $20 styling fee. When you receive the package, you have three days to decide which items to return and which to keep. Whichever items you keep, you pay for minus the $20 you already paid. If you end up returning everything though, you basically wasted $20...I was grateful to see this card, because not only does it waive that styling fee, it also gives you $20 in credit towards an item you purchase. Now I can test this subscription out without worrying about flushing money down the drain!

Overall this box has a value of $140.04 and that's not even including the gift card! I will use everything in this box, so this was a win for me!

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