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Bespoke Post - November 2013

Bespoke Post is a subscription service originally geared toward men, but I find that many of the products they offer can be appreciated by women too. Each month Bespoke offers a series of themed boxes, from which you can view and make your selection. You are automatically opted into one of the boxes, but have the option of switching to a different box or even skipping if you don't like any of the themes for the month. New boxes open on the first of each month and you have five days to make your decision.

This month I choose Refresh - Whether you're at home or on the go, start the morning off right with a proper routine that'll carry you into the day looking as good as you feel.

The Box: Bespoke Post

The Cost: $45 a month (If you choose to skip, you don't have to pay that month.)

The Products: High-quality lifestyle items based on a theme

As resistant to blending in as it is to wearing down, the Blue Claw Co. dopp kit is made in America for construction quality that'll match the top-shelf products you stash in it. The waterproof exterior is crafted from heavy, 15 oz waxed canvas sourced from family mills in the heartland, while the full-grain leather handle and pull tab, bronze rivets and zipper, and signature blue ballistic nylon lining boast a rugged simplicity. 

This bag was made exclusively for Bespoke Post, but there are similar designs online for $65. While I wouldn't pay $65, it is definitely made well and looks expensive. I ended up giving this to my boyfriend for Christmas this year. He always uses plastic bags when we travel, so this was a nice lifestyle upgrade for him!

Mitch by Paul Mitchell Double Hitter 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner - $20

Who says your morning prep has to be fussy? MITCH has combined two steps into one with their sulfate-free 2-in-1. The thick lather shampoos and conditions your hair, keeping your morning routine just as short while improving the end result. Afterwards, rub a dime's worth of their Clean Cut Styling Cream to give your hair hold for the right shape, with minimal shine.

My boyfriend prefers 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner and he had just run out around the holidays, so this was a perfect addition to his shower routine. It's probably the most expensive shampoo he's ever used too! He usually just buys whatever is on sale at the drugstore.

Cremo Company Face Wash - $7.99

Don't forget your face - Cremo's fash was is no-nonsense, pH neutral cleanser that'll keep your mug fresh without that annoying side effect of dryness.

My boyfriend never washes his face (no seriously, never). He told me that if I bought him some face wash, he'd use it, but that has yet to happen. I may end up stealing this and using it for myself when I run out if he doesn't.

MITCH by Paul Mitchell Clean Cut Semi-Matte Styling Cream - $20

This is an item I know neither my boyfriend or brother would use, so it immediately went into the swap pile!

Drinker's Detox drinkwel sample (2 packets) - $2.95

When you're in for a rough morning, pop some of Drinkwel's dextox and save the day. And to power you through, reach for GNC's Meta-Ignite to ramp up metabolism for getting the most out of your workout - it makes a difference.

I sampled these before through FabFitFun. They seem to work seeing how I felt WAY better this New Year's than I did last, but that could also be due to a lot of other factors as well. Who knows for sure. Either way, they can't hurt. The only thing I didn't like is that you had to take 3 capsules before going out and 3 more after. Three capsules seems excessive doesn't it? Why not load it all into one capsule?

GNC Meta-Ignite (15 Tablets) - $8.33

I've tried these a couple of times and I do think they help although I've only been taking one tablet and according to the directions you are supposed to take 3 tablets before a workout. Seeing how they contain caffeine, I'm not sure I want to put that much into my system...

Sasquatch Soap Co. Soap in Pine Tar - $6

For full body clean, Sasquatch Soap uses oatmeal, pine tar oil, and shea butter to exfoliate and freshen your skin while making your shower smell like a forest. Win win.

My boyfriend prefers body wash over bar soap, whereas my little brother is the complete opposite! I have no preference and will use either, but since this is very manly scented soap I ended up using it as a stocking stuffer for my brother this Christmas and he loved it. :)

Gold Bond Original Strength Body Powder (1 oz) - $0.70

Gold Bond Men's Lotion (0.75 oz) - $0.58

For after the shower, Gold Bond lotion re-hydrates your skin so you'll stay comfortable even in the dry winter weather, and the powder is a first line of defense against sweat. 

I also gave these to my boyfriend since his skin is always dry and itchy this time of year since he works in a kitchen and is constantly washing his hands. 

Now that you're fully set up, all that's left is to make the most of your day. - Bespoke Post

Overall this box had a value of approximately $131.55. I thought this was a great box and I was able to split items for Christmas gifts! :)

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