Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bespoke Post - February 2014

Bespoke Post is a subscription service originally geared toward men, but I find that many of the products they offer can be appreciated by women too. Each month Bespoke offers a series of themed boxes, from which you can view and make your selection. You are automatically opted into one of the boxes, but have the option of switching to a different box or even skipping if you don't like any of the themes for the month. New boxes open on the first of each month and you have five days to make your decision. This month I choose Agave

Agave: You don't need to stand behind a bar to be a bartender. Our friends at Don Julio helped us hand pic what you need to be in the know. Today, we're starting with the essentials. Cocktail Kingdom drops the spectrum of inspired barware for the discerning gentleman. You now own the same gear used in speakeasies around the country; expand as you perfect your skills. The best ingredients produce the best cocktails. Premium tequila is the new black. The refined flavors create cocktails that surprise and delight the senses. We asked the crew at Don Julio to put together some cocktails just for you . View online, craft at home, share your thoughts.

The Box: Bespoke Post

The Cost: $45 a month (If you choose to skip, you don't have to pay that month.)

The Products: High-quality lifestyle items based on a theme

Boston Cocktail Shaker Set - $12

This will be a perfect addition to the bar once I master cocktails in my trainer version from Fancy.

Don Julio Guide & Stainless Steel Jigger - $8.95

I didn't have a jigger yet, so another addition to my bar collection!

Julep Stainless Steel Strainer - $10.95

Beehive Juicer - $16.95

I didn't have either of these items yet either!

Don Julio Glasses - $18?

These were a bonus item made exclusively for Bespoke Post, so I'm not sure on the value. As you can see they are etched with the Don Julio brand on the bottom.

Round Ice Ball Tray - $6.95

I already have something similar from Fancy, but it doesn't hurt to have more for when you have guests over.

Overall this box had a value of approximately $73.80 and I was able to stock my bar with basic, quality items!

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