Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Julep Maven - May 2014

Julep Maven is a nail polish and beauty subscription box. Every month they have 5 different boxes you can choose from or you can upgrade to get the entire collection. These boxes are Classic with a Twist, Bombshell, Boho Glam, Modern Beauty and It Girl. You are able to view the products each month on the 20th and have until the 24th to make your selection or skip if you don't like any of the boxes. This month's theme was the Fresh Twist Collection. Since I wanted to take advantage of the extra points this month, I decided to go with Boho Glam .

The box: Julep Maven

The Cost: Julep raised their prices this month, along with the option to upgrade to Maven Luxe, where you have complete customization of your boxes. Boxes are now $24.99/month (My Maven) or $39.99/month (Maven Luxe).

The Products: Nail and beauty products

Coupons: 25% off the Brilliance Glycolic Hand Scrub & $10 off your next order of $20 or more

Julep Plie Wand - $25 ($20 Maven)

I was excited to try this since I'm terrible at painting my nails with my opposite hand, but I actually found this awkward to use! Maybe I'm not doing something right?

Julep Plie Wand Precision Brush - $3

The Plie Wand also came with a precision brush, but I've just been using the brushes that come with the bottle. It just seems too much of a hassle to use this brush each time and then cleaning it, etc.

Julep Plie Wand Creativity Kit - $10 ($8 Maven)

I was excited about these as well, since my creativity skills are basically nonexistent, but when I cleaned them with nail polish remover as per directions, the black part formed a coating. (See picture below). I use non-acetone nail polish remover, so I'm not sure what caused the reaction!

After one use! :(

Julep Nail Color in Paulette - $14 ($11.20 Maven)

This is a very pretty purple shade. I love the hint of shimmer as well. 

Julep Nail Color in Jeanne - $14 ($11.20 Maven)

I was expecting a pastel blue from the online swatches, but it actually goes on darker than it appears. It's a pretty color, just not what I was expecting. 

For those of you who are wondering, all Julep polishes come with a removable cover to make it easy to swatch the top of the lids. This concept also allows you to use the plie brush with the original brush that comes with each polish, rather than having to use a new brush each time!

Overall this box had a value of $54.40. I still haven't gotten used to the plie wand yet, but I loved the color collection this month!

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