Saturday, June 14, 2014

Memebox Global #7

The Box: Memebox Global #7

The Cost: $23 + $6.99 shipping (one time purchase)

The Products: Korean makeup and beauty products

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Memebox #7 is finally here! We all know that the foundations of beautiful skin begin with cleansing and protection. In our 7th box, we included a cleanser, 2 of our favorite deep hydrating mask packs, and facial cream to revive your skin. We hope these leave you bright and ready to try out the adorable makeup kit by a:t fox! Enjoy!

Back side of information Card

Leaders Insolution BIO Medi-curing Mask-Aqua Dressing 20ml (2 masks) - $6 ($3 each)

BIO Medi-curing mask is a mask that hydrates and moisturizes your skin to the fullest. It is 100% coconut jelly mask, which gives you that "cool" feeling. It will also dramatically reduce the appearance of your wrinkles!

My skin felt great after using these, but I'm not a huge fan of these types of masks. I always feel like they are sliding off my face!

Miseenscene 2x Curl Essence 30 ml - $2

2x Curl Essence is nourishing leave-in treatment that provides volume and helps rejuvenate dry damaged hair.

This product was volumizing, but I wouldn't say that it helps dry hair. My hair isn't dry, but felt drier/stiff after using this product.

Dr. G BIO RTx Mentor Cream in #5 for Dry Skin 20ml - $14

Moisturizing & enhancing skin barrier cream for dry skin. Could have also received #7 for damaged skin or #3 for oily skin.

I loved this. I've been using it as a night cream and it makes my skin soft. I have combination skin and it doesn't make me break out either.

a:t fox Jasoyup Herb Tea/Black Tea Makeup Designer Kit - $23

With a:t fox's designer kit, your makeup will look just like the job that professionals have completed! This kit contains four-piece collection with everything you need to create scandal-worthy eyes, plus a lip & cheek to plump your lips and cheeks all day!

This is a fun item with adorable packaging. I won't use the nail art portion, but the makeup will go to use!

Recipe by Nature Slowganic Cleanser - Lemon & Green Tea & Adlay 10g each - $12 ($4 each)

Slowganic stands for slow, raw and organic. This cleanser is made with organic raw materials, such as lemon extract, lime, oil and herbs. Slowganic cleanser instantly whisks away everyday impurities and makeup without stripping the skin of essential moisture.

I love these and that they included three different kinds to sample from. The texture is a little weird, but I love the all natural ingredients and the resealable packaging. I might have to purchase some more!

Catrin natural 100 Mineral Sun Kill SPF 42 PA++ 12g in Natural Beige  - $38

Natural 100 Mineral Sun Kill is a mineral powder sun protector, which provides SPF 42 PA++ protection. It contains 10 organic, 100% natural minerals that are even suitable for a sensitive skin! The main benefit of being oil-free and chemical-free product allows everyone in the family to enjoy the 100% natural mineral sun powder!

I've always wanted to try powder sunscreen that doubles with coverage and now I can! I love the natural ingredients and high SPF as well.

Overall this box had a value of $95. I really enjoyed this box and will most likely be purchasing more in the future!

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