Saturday, June 14, 2014

Popsugar Special Edition Must Have Resort - Spring 2014

The Box: POPSUGAR Must Have Limited Edition Resort

The Cost: $100 (one time purchase)

The Products: “Must have” lifestyle items for women selected by Popsugar editors. Categories may include home, beauty, fitness and food.

IMAGINE...if it were as simple as opening a box and feeling like you were on a magical getaway. Good news: once you see what's inside, that's exactly what'll happen. From a beautiful beach towel to a killer clutch, it won't take long before you look and feel like you're on vacation. Whether you're actually jet-setting this season or staying local, we hope you enjoy! - Lisa Sugar, Popsugar Founder & Editor in Chief

Sisco Berluti Bracelet Stack (Exclusive for Popsugar) - approx $100

Get ready for compliments galore. You'll be one of the only ones to wear these baubles made exclusively for Popsugar by Sisco Berluti, a jewelry line loved by celebrities like Halle Berry and Jessica Alba. The three bracelets, which are designed from turquoise, brass and labradorite stones are timeless but fun, just like any good accessory should be. 

There was no actual price point on this item as it was made exclusively for Popsugar, so this is an estimate based on other prices on their site. At first I didn't really care for the style of these bracelets, but I have to stay they've grown on me since! My only issue with them, is that the gold bead on the turquoise bracelet has already started flaking or discoloring after only a few wears, which is disappointing!

Cuyana Turkish Towel - $55

Made in Turkey from fine-grade cotton and bamboo, this Cuyana towel is superlight and ultra-absorbent. Thanks to its generous size, you can use it to dry off at the beach or even as a blanket when you're traveling. Oh, and did we mention how pretty it is? 

This item was a spoiler and I love it. I don't get the opportunity to go to a beach very often, but this will get use as a summer blanket or bath towel either way! It's gorgeous and much larger than I expected.

Epicuren Discovery Tropical Lave 8.4 fl oz - $25.99

A quick smell of this Epicuren body cleanser and you'll feel like you stepped into an exotic dream. The soothing, silky gel - made from coconut oil, papaya extract, and other natural ingredients - can also be used as shampoo. Consider it a tropical twofer. 

When I first saw spoilers for this, I was excited. I love trying new bath products, but this was lackluster to me. It didn't smell that tropical to me? It'll get used, but I was expecting more of a scent given the description!

R.B. of McD #2 Clutch (Exclusive for Popsugar) - approx $100

It's important to celebrate the little things in life - like the latest R. B. of McD bag designed just for you. This popsugar exclusive is handmade from canvas and leather and comes in two different styles: tan and navy or all navy. Wear it as a fold over clutch or wallet and give off the ultimate cool-girl vibe. 

First off I was glad to receive the navy/tan combo instead of the all navy. Many people thought this was cheaply made and while I don't think it's worth a $100, I definitely like and will use this clutch. I may not use it for my wallet, but I will definitely use it while traveling for makeup and toiletries. 

 Clark's Botanicals Cellular Lifting Moisture Mist 30 ml - $28

One spritz is all it takes. This refreshing facial mist from Clark's Botanicals is designed to improve skin in more ways than one. The antiaging formula delivers maximum hydration, minimizes wrinkles, helps heal sensitive areas, and firms the skin. Even better: the convenient travel size means you can take it anywhere.

Right now I have three other facial mists to use up from subscription boxes and simply don't use them often enough! I'm hoping with summer here, I'll get more use out of them, but I haven't decided if I'm going to keep this yet. I'm only 24, so I don't have wrinkles yet, but I also know it won't be long before I do, so it doesn't hurt to have this on hand!


Smashbox Cosmetics The Santigolden Age: Double-Ended Limitless Eye Liner - $24

Bold is in; boring is out. That's why musical artist Santigold partnered with Smashbox to create this limited-edition, double-ended liner with blue and gold colors. Mix and match the hues for a look that will instantly stand out from the crowd. Pow! Visit to learn how to get the look. 

Normally I hate getting eyeliner, but I don't have either of these colors, and I like gold eyeliner so this will go to use. I also like that they chose something from a limited collection! 

Salty Road Salt Water Taffy - $6.50

A taste of nostalgia, coming right up. We love that Salty Road's Salt Water Taffy reminds us of childhood days at the beach but comes with a twist. The all-natural flavor is made from unique apply cider jelly and a secret blend of fresh spices. Your mouth won't know what hit it.

I don't live anywhere near a beach, but as a child, my dad, brother and I all took a trip to the East Coast and drove to the beach in New Jersey one day. It was cold and rainy, but I remember it clear as day as my dad bought us taffy for the drive back! Now I didn't think these were that amazing as the taffy I had that day, but it definitely brought back memories.  

Overall this box had an approx value of $339.49. Popsugar also included a gift in the May box for those who ordered this box, bringing the total value up to $358.49. While I loved the holiday limited edition box more than this box, I will definitely will use almost if not all of these items. I also appreciate Popsugar taking the time to send subscribers an extra gift for the shipping delay on this box.

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